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S.A.F.E¡¯s Principal Consultant, Mr. Ian G. Mann, served his time as a fitter and turner at the Commonwealth Government Engine Works ¨C Port Melbourne, which constructed Sulzer and Doxford marine diesel engines, before joining Blue Star Line (Australia) Limited in 1977 where he sailed on various refrigerated cargo and container vessels as an engineering officer until 1981.

He then joined Associated Steamships Pty Ltd sailing on a variety of vessels including research vessels, bulk carriers and tankers. He sailed as Chief Engineer for six years before being appointed as Fleet Safety Superintendent in 1991, shortly after the formation of ASP Ship Management. In 1993, he was given the additional responsibility of Quality Assurance Manager and ISM Code Designated Person and charged with the development and implementation of ASP Ship Management¡¯s Integrated Quality Management System that covered the requirements of the ISM Code, ISO 9002 and 14001, DNV¡¯s SEP Rules and ISMA¡¯s Code of Ship Management Standards.

In June 1997 he returned to line management as General Manager of ASP Ship Management¡¯s tanker operations where his team managed the operation of 7 coastal and international trading product tankers and crude oil carriers for the Shell Company of Australia, Mobil Oil Australia and BP Australia. In December 1998, following a restructuring of ASP Ship Management¡¯s internal organization, he was appointed Fleet Manager ¨C Melbourne and his operations team was expanded to cover the management of ASP Ship Management¡¯s Dry Cargo/Passenger Fleet of Self Discharging Bulk Carriers, Cellular Container Vessels, Ro/Ro Container vessels, Ro/Ro Passenger Ferries and High Speed Catamarans as well as the tanker fleet already mentioned.

After accepting a retrenchment package from ASP Ship Management Pty Ltd at end of 1999, resulting from a major down turn in client base brought about by the continuing decline of the Australian Maritime Industry, he chose to undertake contract work relating to previous experience whilst seeking full time employment. In July 2000 he was contacted by AMSA and asked if, in view of his industry background and experience, he would take on the full time position of Principal Adviser ¨C Qualifications Policy with the view to co-ordinating the implementation of the STCW Code across the state and territory jurisdictions. He accepted AMSA¡¯s offer and commenced work with them in August 2000 acting as liaison between AMSA and the State/Territory Marine Authorities to ensure compliance with STCW 95 was achieved throughout the coastal maritime industry and the application of the latest Maritime Industry Training Package by Maritime Education and Training providers would ensure that STCW ¨C 95 requirements would continue to be met.

Due to a policy decision within AMSA that required him to move from Melbourne to Canberra to continue in their employment, which held no attraction for his family at the time, he resigned from AMSA in June 2002 and commenced a position as Principal Consultant at EHS Maritime Pty Ltd the following month. For the following 3 years he managed and operated EHS Maritime¡¯s marine consultancy business completing a variety of projects ranging from straight marine engineering work, SIRE, CDI, Pre-purchase, On/Off hire inspections, HSE management system mapping and upgrades, HSE support, ship security assessment and plans and risk assessment, analysis and control for an equally varied list of clientele.

In July 2005 he was offered the opportunity to take over the operation of Ship Appraisals Far East Pte Ltd on the retirement of the owner at the end of 2006. After completion of a detailed due diligence process and acceptance of the subsequent purchase offer, he and his wife moved to Singapore in July 2006 to commence a six month hand over of the business, which they now operate in their own right.



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